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There is nothing worse than being stuck inside with a summer cold and wondering why you’re feeling so rotten when the weather is so great. Doctors suggest summer colds often last longer and may occur more frequently. So how do you keep from sweating a cold when you should be enjoying ... Read More
January 14, 2018superadmin


Bio hazardous waste is defined as anything involving contact with contaminated emission from human bodies or other living organisms, infectious diseases such as virus or bacteria, blood, harmful chemicals, or any form of waste. Crime Scene Cleaners Adelaide expert and knowledgeable bio-remediation technicians are experts in safely removing and decontaminating ... Read More
October 24, 2017superadmin


When the person has died from a fatal trauma, such as in the case of a murder or accident, there will likely be blood and biological matter distributed around a wide area that provides a significant risk of contamination from blood borne pathogens. Often, Blood and Trauma Clean Ups require ... Read More
October 4, 2017superadmin


At the unfortunate event of a homicide or crime scene, the family and friends of the victim are left to struggle with the shock, dismay and terror associated with the violent crime. Crime scene clean-up is rarely mentioned on popular TV shows such as CSI or Law and Order, but ... Read More
September 25, 2017superadmin